The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford



“In this moody, somber, biographical indulgence of the life and decline of Jesse James it may be the narrator, Hugh Ross, who gets the Oscar nod.”


                                                                New York Times bestseller - Ridley Pearson

“Meticulously noting dates and locations, and framing the story's long arc with discreetly distanced narration…”

                                                                                              Todd McCarthy – Variety

“A whisper on the wind...”

“Jesse was sick...”

“The month of October...”

“No eulogies for Bob...”

“That score in conjunction with the narration provided by someone named Hugh Ross… well it gives the film a feeling of impending doom. Any smile or laughter you see are momentary hiccups on the tragedy that is inevitable. Any hope is ended by the deliberate nature of the score and Hugh’s deliberate and slightly sad narration.”

Harry Knowles - Ain’t It Cool News